Example technical task

The technical task from the customer is a detailed description of his future project. We also include the terms of reference in the contract, which we sign when we reach an agreement to work together.
Terms of reference for the design of a low-rise building with an approximate area of 1600 sq. m.
Finishing materials are preferably – clinker, porcelain stoneware, strip glazing, concrete locally (fiber-reinforced concrete, fiber cement).
The palette is monochrome, with the addition of one color.
The required distance is 5 meters from the main road and 3 meters from the neighboring house. Garage and non-residential premises. maybe 1.5m. from a neighbor.
1 floor.
– orient the living room area to the forest, with access to the terrace.
– in the living room area, the owners’ kitchen is intended only for heating food, light cooking. The kitchen area must be connected to the main kitchen, which is located in the basement or semi-basement with a food service elevator. Provide a small wine cellar or wine cooler.
– in the living room there should be a fireplace and a second light, ceilings 3.6-4.2m – clean height, and a second light 7-8m. Windows, where the second light, from the floor and in the hall all the windows from the floor.
– large table 10-12 persons
– 2 guest rooms, each with its own bathroom, wardrobe
– office, bathroom and wardrobe
– windows from the floor in bathrooms or 85 cm from the floor, a sink along the window or next to it.
– an entrance hall with wardrobes, a banquet hall, a mirror, an exit to the hall plus a small toilet at the exit
– elevator or 1 or 2. Depending on the plan
– pool bowl – 13x4m, plus a bathroom, sauna, hammam, small gym (2-3 devices), beauty room, pool with access to the terrace or plot
– stairs leading to the 2nd floor.
2 floor.
– 4 bedrooms: 1 – master, 3 – children’s
– master bedroom 70-80m, wardrobe at the master bedroom 70-100m divided into 2 parts m / f, large bathroom: 2 pcs. – shower cabins, 2 pcs. – toilets, 2 pcs. – bidet, washbasins with two sinks, windows from the floor to the bathroom, a separate bath.
– elevator goes directly to the bedroom
– safe plus gun room
– small gym
– children’s 3 pcs. 25-30m2 each, bathroom, wardrobe
– library plus reading room
– nanny’s room 15m2, bathroom
3 floor.
– playroom with access to the terrace ± 150-200m
– bathroom plus wardrobe
– elevator
– Laundry room (for owners)
– think about the option of creating a separate utility block above, take out the architecture with a console and highlight it, with large windows in the walls and in the roof.
the basement should be with windows, either upper, arranged at ground level, or side (when raising the main floor by 1.2-1.5m.).
The basement should have:
– cinema hall 8-10 people
– billiards
– vinotheque
– laundry room, ironing room, 2 pantries (suitcases, folders with papers), cook’s room, working kitchen, built-in wardrobes
– server room
– ventilation room
Other buildings.
The block for service personnel and the boiler room should be separate. But the boiler room must be connected to the house by an underground tunnel so that you can crawl through to the main. at home. There will also be communications. In a separate block (40m.) servants – 2.3 people.
– bedroom
– kitchen
– Hall
– own bathroom with shower
Garage for 4 cars and 2 at the entrance. Garage storage rack
– a security room in 2 parts plus a kitchen, plus a small snack area, a table with a computer for watching street cameras.
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