Image examples

We need examples of architecture or design that you like. This is necessary to understand your preferences. These can be images or links to a website, or just screenshots from your phone. 3-10 images are required. Below by clicking on the button you will see an example that the customer sends us.
An example of the architecture of a private house. The customer likes the forms, straight minimalistic lines of the facade, facade materials, etc. And he would like to have something similar, but in a new architecture from our team.

You can also send what you like from our work. It often happens that the customer wants almost exactly the same project as we have in our portfolio of work. Of course, in this style we will make a project according to his needs and needs. But we will not do exactly the same.

By this example, we understand that the customer likes modern futuristic forms. It is also important to understand the scale. This form is feasible for a project that has 1000 or more square meters. If the customer has a house of 300-500 square meters, then it will be difficult to implement this, and there will be no visual effect like those of these concepts.

Also, if you have a public purpose project, you can collect your own selection of images that you like and, understanding your preferences, we will first make unique concepts for you, and then the project.

We work on projects of various sizes. Therefore, even for large-scale projects, we need a selection of images from the customer in order to understand his preferences.