Technical task

Information about your site

1. Photo or video of your plot of land (usually visual materials that you photographed on your phone are enough)
2. Google coordinates (required to understand the location of your site, the orientation of your site on the sides of the world)
3. Plan of your plot of land (this can be a regular image of a plan of a plot of land with the dimensions of its sides)
4. If there is – a topographic survey of the site (you can send us a survey of the site when we start the project with you)

Description of your future project

1. Number of floors (for example, 2 or 3 floors, also an underground floor)
2. Approximate area of your future project (for example, 500 or 1000 square meters, or if this is a public building – the area is appropriate)
3. What zones will be on your plot of land besides the main building? (e.g. swimming pool, tennis court, covered car park, summer kitchen, etc.)
4. What other buildings will be on your site besides the main one (for example, a garage, a guest house, a staff house, a guard room, etc.)
We need this information in order to determine the approximate scope of the project. You can see an example of a more detailed description of the project and a form for filling out the technical specifications by clicking on the buttons below.

Examples of architecture or design

We need examples of architecture or design that you like. This is necessary to understand your preferences. These can be images or links to a website, or just screenshots from your phone. 3-10 images are required. Below by clicking on the button you will see an example that the customer sends us.